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All CSL Technicians are Licensed with the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority 


Our Technicians

Our installation services are completed by a member of our expert team, executed to the highest standards and quality that you can expect from a professional security alarm technician. No matter if you need alarm installation or camera installation, we use only first-class equipment with the latest technology to ensure that your property is tightly secured.

Our technicians are all trained in the installation of DSC Security Alarms Systems, however are also experienced in all industry standard systems like Paradox, Inner Range, and Bosch.

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ICT Protege GX & WX

All our technicians start on the smaller systems, but strive towards the larger systems with access control and automation. ICT Protege is our premium Intruder Detection/Access Control System. Our technicians are required to requalify annually with the ICT products to maintain their certification, maintaining high levels of competency with these systems.

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Provision-ISR CCTV

Provision-ISR, an Israeli Branded product, all our technicians are qualified in the installation and programming of this product.

Provisions DDA (Detect. Distinguish. Alert.) analytics allows the system to distinguish between human beings, 4-wheel vehicles and 2-wheel vehicles. Thanks to this technology, the system triggers alarms or sends push notifications only when the desired object is detected. This reduces annoying false alarms caused by shadows, light changes, shaking trees, animals etc .

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