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License Plate Recognition

2MP MOTORIZED LENS LPR BULLET CAMERA  Provision-ISR I6-320LPR-MVF2 LPR camera relies on the most advanced image-processing technology. Equipped with a 7-2mm motorized lens, this 2MP bullet camera is designed to capture international license plate digits and letters. The I6-320LPR-MVF2 captures the license plate in real-time, generating appropriate actions such as opening a gate or giving an alert. The Provision-ISR LPR cameras’ best application is gate automation and street monitoring.

4MP Turret Cameras


Rainbow series cameras are equipped with super light sensitive sensors that allows the camera to provide a color image throughout the day. When the ambient light is insufficient, the camera will turn on its integral lighting that will allow it to continue to provide a full color image. The camera offers broad possibilities for Analytics, from Face Detection all the way to the outstanding DDA™ Analytics (Detect, Distinguish, Alert) which has the ability to perform object recognition and object counting.
With a variety of detection rules and triggers, DL-340IPERN-36 V2 camera will help the user to put an end to false alarms.

Facial Recognition Cameras

2MP FACE DETECTION/RECOGNITION MOTORIZED VARIFOCAL LENS DOME/TURRET CAMERA. Equipped with a 7-22mm motorized lens, this 2MP face detection and recognition camera has been designed for special requirements such as attendance control, tracking by face, vip greetings and more.  Thanks to its advanced algorithm and strong processor, DW-320FR-MVF2 camera makes an ideal solution for scenarios where facial recognition is required.

8MP Turret Cameras

Provisions DDA (Detect. Distinguish. Alert.) analytics allows the system to distinguish between human beings, 4-wheel vehicles and 2-wheel vehicles. Thanks to this technology, the system triggers alarms or sends push notifications only when the desired object is detected. This reduces annoying false alarms caused by shadows, light changes, shaking trees, animals etc .

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