Gisborne Monitored Alarm SystemsBig industrial and institutional sites come with big risks. The safety of the people onsite and the security of your plant and equipment are your top priorities, so you want to make sure you have first-class protection in place.

24-hour protection you can rely on.

We’ve designed robust security systems for factories, warehouses, schools and large-scale events. Whether you require cutting edge intruder alarm and monitoring technology, access control, or round-the-clock mobile guards, we’ve got you covered.

Control access to your site.

Access control is a key piece of the security puzzle for industrial sites. CSL Security will design, supply and install a custom access control system to suit your requirements including controlled doors and gates, turnstiles, barrier arms and so on.

These systems seamlessly integrate with your intruder detection, plant monitoring, and building management systems to ensure maximum protection and peace of mind.

Guard your staff, customers and property.

Gisborne Security Access ControlFrom shopping malls, schools and events, to building sites, warehouses and factories, our onsite security officers provide 24-hour protection for your staff, customers and property.

CSL Security can also add mobile patrols to your security package to help detect or prevent:

  • Vandalism and malicious damage
  • Fire caused by heaters or plant malfunction
  • Energy waste through lights, heaters and equipment being left on
  • Doors and windows left unlocked or open
  • Vehicles left unlocked, sometimes even with keys still in them
  • Flooding or water damage caused by weather or plumbing

Our security officers are in constant radio contact with our monitoring operators and work closely with police to increase the number of apprehensions following criminal activity.

Contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation assessment of your security needs today.